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Advanced processing of wild harvests

We began large scale berry processing in 2013. The processing technology was suggested by a staff member from a German research center that had been developing this technology for more than five years. Specifically for this project, the German company developed high technology equipment providing complete berries processing. The resulted products comply with all health requirements and are of high quality. Processed berry products comprise directly expressed juices and berry purees. Complex processing of sea-buckthorn allows for manufacturing three valuable products: sea-buckthorn oil, juice and seeds for consequent production of oil used in cosmetics. All products are manufactured without any chemical reagents.

To obtain high-quality products, quality raw materials are needed. All wild berries are picked in pristine areas of Siberia and the Russian Far East. At key sea-buckthorn sites, we have established a logistical center with blast freezing chambers and extensive cooling spaces.

Our high quality production facilities have enabled us to enter foreign markets.

Currently we deliver our products to European and Asian countries. Some of our products are also sold on retail in the Russian Federation.

Since 2014 we have had organic certificates for sea-buckthorn, pine-nuts and all products produced from these. Audits are performed by experts from the German certification center.

Our production capacity is 100 tons of puree and juice per month.