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Diet and preventive nutrition

The SAVA company offers products for workers involved in hazardous and especially hazardous working conditions. These are dietary preventive nutrition products.

It is an EQUIAL REPLACEMENT FOR MILK according to Order No. 291n of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation dated May 12, 2022.


  • juices and nectars enriched with pectin
  • fortified jelly
  • pine nut drink with chaga
  • instant porridge

Nectars with pectin are indispensable for protecting the body of children and adults in environmentally unfavorable areas and large industrial cities. This product was developed specifically as an alternative means of preventing the consequences of exposure to harmful production factors on the body. This product has undergone clinical trials at the clinic of the Federal Scientific Center for Hygiene named after. F.F. Erisman" of Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation. As a result, the therapeutic and prophylactic properties were fully confirmed and a hygienic conclusion was obtained.


  1. Fully comply with legal requirements
  2. Long shelf life from 12 months
  3. Ease of storage and transportation
  4. Preservation of product properties from 0 to +25C
  5. Have high taste qualities
  6. Diverse assortment line
  7. Economically beneficial

Work with large enterprises in various industries has shown that the inclusion of such products in the diet of workers associated with unfavorable working conditions can reduce the incidence of illness, increase efficiency and endurance.

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