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Functional food

Tomsk product company "SAVA" offers foods for nutritional uses in unfavorable working conditions that:

? Fully conform to legal requirements,

? Have outstanding taste,

? Are cost-effective.

Pectin-enriched nectars are indispensable in protecting children and adults who live in environmentally unfriendly areas and large industrial cities. These products were specially developed for industrial areas with unfavorable working conditions as an alternative way to prevent work-related harm.

Occupational health depends on many factors with the unfavorable working conditions being the leading cause of occupational and work-related diseases. To prevent them, it is required to develop and implement a set of preventive measures. This is where balanced nutrition is critical. Given the state of the environment, it is impossible to provide our bodies with all vital nutrients just through traditional nutrition. In 2003, Tomsk company Sava, in cooperation with the Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, developed the formula for therapeutic food products that are habitual for many people. This cooperation resulted in the development of brand new products, i.e. natural juices and nectars made from wild berries and enriched with pectin (a powerful natural absorbent). The products passed clinical trials at the Erisman Federal Scientific Center of Hygiene (Rospotrebnadzor). The trials fully confirmed the beneficial health effects of pectin-enriched juices and nectars and certified the products.

The rationale for using these products ecologically polluted working conditions instead of milk has been confirmed at the plenary meeting of the Research Council on Medical and Ecological Problems for Workers (Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) on May 20, 2009. This acknowledgment enables us to use the products "in therapeutic nutrition for workers in unfavorable working conditions, in particular to replace milk". Currently, due to the entry into force of Order No. 291тn of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, available documentation allows our products to both replace and add to milk if workers come into contact with inorganic compounds of non-ferrous metals.

Advantages of pectin-enriched juices and nectars as compared to the widely accepted use of milk:

1. Apparent value of the products that was also confirmed by the clinical trials.

2. Affordable price.

3. Convenient packaging (a stand-up pouch, 250 ml) helps comply with sanitary standards and instructions for use.

4. The product is ready-to-eat and does not require cooking.

5. Hot filling into aseptic packages and gentle pasteurization technologies help preserve vitamins and minerals and avoid preservatives.

6. Extended storage life (1 year), no requirements for special storage and transportation, can be stored within a temperature range from 0 to 25 ?C and allows for a significant cost reduction in product delivery, storage and distribution.

7. Thanks to an extensive product line, it is possible to choose the product you like most.

Cooperation with large industrial plants in various industries showed that adding such products to workers? diets working in environmentally hazardous working conditions helps reduce the disease burden as well as enhance performance efficiency and endurance.

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