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Management in the field of quality

Tomsk manufacturing company SAVA, LLC is a diversified food industry enterprise manufacturing tomato products, jams, powidls, berry preserves, syrups, natural juices and nectars, providing functional nutrition.

The Company’s strategic goal is to ensure high food quality and safety by using the most effective and safest methods that are sustainable on a long-term basis, taking into account business and social interests, while ensuring that volume, quality and scope meet market needs and consumer requirements.

We consider food quality and safety as a key priority. Each employee is responsible for ensuring quality obligations while performing his/her duties and working with stakeholders. Responsibility for food safety is divided among all employees directly involved in production, storage and shipment of products. Safety obligations are based on the following principles:

ensuring food quality management and safety system’s compliance with ISO 22000 and GOST R ISO 9001;

compliance with all applicable legal requirements of international, federal, regional and local levels, relevant agreements, standards and norms regarding treatment quality and production safety;

development and use of new technologies, improvement of existing technologies, implementation of modern equipment and materials conducive to higher quality characteristics of production, as well as providing its top level safety;

providing qualified and sufficient number of personnel to meet production needs, maintain motivation of personnel to achieve strategic and current goals regarding food quality and safety;

continuous supervision of potentially hazardous factors at each production stage and their elimination or reduction to the maximum possible level to ensure food safety for consumer;

continuous communication and an open dialogue with all stakeholders about company activities in area of food safety.

Management takes responsibility for implementation of this policy in area of food quality and safety.

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