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In the first half of July, the SAVA company began harvesting blueberries and black currants.

A pilot project for the sale of fresh berries was launched in 2019.A fresh harvest of honeysuckle could be purchased only in Tomsk.

In 2020, the company expanded the geography of supplies and the range of fresh berries. At this time, the Tomsk production company "SAVA" supplies fresh packaged berries to the retail chains of the Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk regions, as well as to the shops of the Altai Territory.

In the next two weeks, residents of these regions will be able to purchase fresh forest blueberries and black currants.

Blueberry is a berry unique in its composition, which contains a huge amount of various vitamins and trace elements that are necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

The benefits of black currant cannot be overstated. This berry is a storehouse of vitamins and helps protect the body from many diseases. People who care about their health and lead a healthy lifestyle need to include black

currants in their diet.

To date, you can buy a fresh harvest of blueberries and black currants in the "Yarche" trade network and in the company store at the address: Tomsk, Irkutsk tract, 61 st. 2, left entrance, pavilion 11 (October market).